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Aufnahme vom 19. Mai 2019

In addition to general management and IT consulting (see press ), my range of services also includes software solutions as well as workshops and projects in the field of astronomy..


AstroVis Guide

For the further development and program maintenance of AstroVis_Guide there is an effort that I can no longer offer as a free service. Registration is required for online usage. After paying a usage fee of

  • EUR 2 for 1 month
  • EUR 10 for half a year
  • EUR 16 for one year

  • the program is then activated individually.


    Micro focuser for RedCat, Samyang135,and other lenses.

    I configure micro focussing with 1:10 reduction with my own + purchased parts. Mounting on the hot shoe of the camera, the pipe clamp of the lens (here on the Canon 100-400mm) or the handle of the RedCat. The belt length and the length of the axis of rotation are calculated and adapted for the respective lens. Exact focusing on the star with a Bahtinov mask. Can also be motorized on request.

    At the customer's request, I also configure and test complete systems and design special solutions.


    Website creation

    I create professionally designed websites on the basis of native HTML, PHP, SQL and Java-Script at a fixed price or by arrangement.

    Not with the use of abstract design tools from a standard software but realized individually according to your corporate design specifications.

    Depending on your needs, including shop solutions, access statistics, photo galleries or other software components.


    ABIS Workshops

    Together with Jim Carter, M.S.Ed MYP Integrated Science at ABIS (Anton Bruckner International School in Linz) I prepare workshops in MYP science classrooms to present as guest speaker "deep space photography" and peripheral concepts. This also includes practical night sessions with mobile devices on the balcony of Linz for interested students.

    Of course in full coordination with the specifics of the ABIS policy and the regulations of the corona protective measures