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Aufnahme vom 19. Mai 2019
Software und Services

Horst Ziegler - I am happy to pass on my experience as an serial entrepreneur to young companies as part of my management consulting. If required, also as a supervisory board, advisory board or board of directors.

Since the beginning of 2010 I have been dealing with the diverse challenges of astrophotography beyond the business world. This demanding topic in all its breadth was the ideal complement and continuation of my technically oriented professional life as a computer scientist. However, despite the dark sky and a clear view of the Mühlviertel highlands, I practice this hobby at our new home for family reasons only very limited with small equipment. But with hardware and software I still deal with problem solving for my customers.

I am still very active in software programming with native HTML, PHP, Java Script and SQL as well as in graphic design with the appropriate tools for the further development of my AstroVis_Guide solutions. This also includes the implementation of sophisticated websites including the integration of web-based external software components.

In this area, too, I offer targeted solutions and support as part of my IT consulting..
I look forward to working with you.